Rocket Fuel


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The 50ml in dropper bottle SO convenient for on the go! 

Rocket Fuel is a 100% naturally formulated product Contains over 50% of New Zealand's best 100% certified organic Active Manuka Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar,Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil ,Eucalyptus Oil & Menthol 

Rocket Fuel by name and by nature. It is completely unique to Savvy Touch. with as little as 3 drops it will “Take your sinuses to Arizona”.

Imagine no more blocked ears, sore sinuses, wheezing, better rest, with as little as 3 drops of Rocket Fuel.You can even take the 50ml Carry size on a plane!


Used by every day people to elite athletes. Anyone that is looking for relief with a natural product

"30mins before every work out I have a cap full. Totally opens my airways & gives me a huge boost!" - C. Millen Auckland NZ

"Wow, got recommended Rocket Fuel, arrived in 2 days. Was suffering really badly with hayfever, took 3 drops & my sinuses were cleared! Could not believe it" Anne Harker

I got recommended your Rocket Fuel, ordered 2 bottles, and received within 2 days, haven’t looked back, sinus issues resolved, asthma so much easier to breathe, n hay-fever bouts been few n far between, amazing product. My 26 year old son didn’t believe me, so he tried some, and it sorted his sinus problem!" - Karen Haines

Use the convenient 50ml bottle while flying. "wow, I have been using Rocket Fuel daily pre training & competition for just over a year. Travel sickness gone! Huge aid in smashing my PBs at the World's last year! I also can't live without my Glide+ I massage into my legs everyday.Shin splints gone!  Camille B International 5K & 10k runner 

Option of disc cap for 120ml & 250ml. Please state in your order if you would like disc or screw cap.

DISCLAIMER  "individual results may vary from person to person"

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