Rocket Fuel


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 The 50ml in dropper bottle SO convenient for on the go! 

Rocket Fuel is an absolute must have. Anyone suffering from Asthma, Sinus, Coughs &  Colds. Used by athletes pre training or competition. May aid in opening the airways for maximum oxygen uptake.Do you suffer from hay fever, blocked sinus, runny nose, asthma, an irritating cough, COPD or even snoring?

Then Rocket Fuel is for you!

This 100% naturally formulated product contains  over 50% of New Zealand's best 100% certified organic Active Manuka Honey,  Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera,  Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil ,Eucalyptus Oil & Menthol .    


"30mins before every work out I have a cap full. Totally opens my airways & gives me a huge boost!" - C. Millen Auckland NZ

"I got recommended your Rocket Fuel, ordered 2 bottles, and received within 2 days, haven’t looked back, sinus issues resolved, asthma so much easier to breathe, n hay-fever bouts been few n far between, amazing product. My 26 year old son didn’t believe me, so he tried some, and it sorted his sinus problem!" - Karen Haines

.Use the convenient 50ml bottle while flying. 
Camille B International 5K & 10k runner "wow, I have been using Rocket Fuel daily pre training & competition for just over a year. Travel sickness gone! Huge aid in smashing my PBs at the World's last year! I also can't live without my Glide+ I massage into my legs every day. Shin splints gone!

Option of disc cap for 120ml & 250ml. Please state in your order if you would like disc or screw cap.

DISCLAIMER  "individual results may vary from person to person"

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