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Cooling Gel is out of stock but you can still order it in the Human Care range. Same product just a smaller different colored bottle

Savvy Touch Cooling Gel was designed by Savvy Steve for his body work it is packed with layers of essential oils that are fast , deep and long acting including Aloe Vera, Arnica and New Zealands wonder plant Kawa Kawa renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties to ensure maximum results. Savvy Touch Cooling Gel' will help pull the fluid out of the joint, muscle or tendon to quickly reduce swelling and heat! For an instant cooling effect, apply directly over arthritic joints, ligaments and muscles under stress or other impact injury, totally safe to use under wraps. Do away with the mess and hassle of poultices apply directly down tendons to aid in tightening and cooling.

If you suffer from arthritis, joint stiffness, sport injuries then click onto the "Human Range" and order your bottle

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