Hoof Paste - 500g


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Hoof Paste

An incredible, 100% natural product designed to aid in rebalancing the moisture content.

In a base of New Zealands best bees wax and packed with healing essential oils such as Tamanu for rejuvenation and loaded with vitamin A products and biotin to add strength growth and suppleness to the wall and new growth from the coronet.

As a preventative to mud fever and other bacterial issues, apply directly to susceptible areas such as heels.

you suffer from eczema, cracked heels or other skin problems then the product for you is the Hand & Heel Balm.

Rub a small amount into the effected area and be amazed at the result. To further aid healing, apply Savvy Touch
Skin Smoothie to effected areas in the evening.

Ideal for dairy farmers and others that are in chemical and water based industry.

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