Savvy Steve

Ascot Farm, Little Avondale Stud, Windsor Stud, High View Stud, Frank Ritchie Racing Shaun Ritchie Racing, Kings Clere Racing, The Oaks Stud, Rich Hill Stud, Watson Bloodstock, Bussutin Race stable, Ballymore Race stables, Shailer Thoroughbred racing.
All fantastic studs, fantastic racing stables in their own right. They all have one common feature in horse preparation:
“Savvy Steve” Cambridge (New Zealand) based equine chiro.
“Savvy”…to have the knowing and the knowledge, to have the “Touch” It’s something we should strive for in our daily life and its something that “Magic hands” “Mr fix it” or Savvy as he is known in the industry definitely has.

“It is very exciting and gratifying to have the clients which I do and to be able to work on and help such incredible horses from weanlings right through to breeding stallions”

Savvy’s list of winners and place getters that he works on from multiple GR1 and Derby winners all the way down is a “who’s who”. He’s Remarkable, Silent Achiever, Sangster, El Roca, Historian, Per Incanto, Guillotine, Nadeem, Towkay, Postmans Daughter.
To name just a few.

What makes him so good?

Savvy has an incredible knowledge and understanding of bio mechanics. Over the years using a range of different techniques he has developed what he believes is a complete system, what is now called the Savvy Touch!

A quote from the owner of Little Avondale Stud:

“Its 100% hands on and incredible to watch the change in the horse right in front of you I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it”

“What I do it’s an absolute passion I view horses as nature in its purest form and to be able to work as closely and intimately as I do with them, to have them place their trust in me is a privilege, nothing makes me smile like arriving seeing an angry, agitated horse from pain quickly allowing me to work deeply on it, get an adjustment and to see the whole personality and body change right then, it’s awesome!”

Used and recommended not just by trainers and owners but importantly by New Zealands top Equine vets including  Marks and Ewen, Matamata Equine Hospital. They all have a saying “that’s not a vet problem you need Savvy!”

Heavily used by the racing industry he also looks after many private riders (yes Savvy works on people too) & their charges. With NZ title holders in all disciplines from adults through to title holding ponies and he is happy to say when he can he sees many private people that just want their “Tony the Pony” to feel the best it can!

What is really encouraging and noticeable in the whole equine industry is the change to treating the horses as athletes seeing “them” on a regular basis to maintain the body at 100% not just called in to “fix them”

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Check out the gallery below to see photos of 'Savvy Steve' in action


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