How Savvy Touch Started

It kind of all started with my horse “Tai”. I was unlucky enough to buy a horse who is allergic to grass five months of the year...I either keep off grass or have to wash his bum every day for five months. So I washed his bum every day with a “high quality” whitening horse shampoo & pretty soon his skin started to break down!! I decided to do some research on horse care products & what was in them……. it wasn’t good!

At the same time Steve was doing barefoot trimming on horses part time. He wasn’t happy with the products available for getting the hooves in healthy order & I had a horse who’s skin was a mess so coming with my chemistry background & Steve’s aromatherapy knowledge we decided to do something about it & create our own… Savvy Touch was born.

Our philosophy right from the start was to be 100% natural but found on some of the products this just wasn’t possible. We have 3 products in each range that are 100% natural & the rest is still a massive 97-98% natural.

Initially every essential oil we used was taken out to the horses. Inside essential oils multiple oils can have very similar properties but very different smells. If the horses touched them, we developed from them, if they turned away they were binned. Then every product was tested on us as a family to start with, to check intensity, feel, smell, & of course that the product worked! This takes months on each product, through a tweaking & improving process.

Then we tried it on our own horses when they were happy, and then got friends to try it on their horses & that’s how we made our decisions.

We needed a name… Savvy… Having the knowing & the knowledge…..Touch….the touch of the product & the touch of Steve now becoming known as one of the best equine chiros. This is why the horse logo has a hand on the horse….we needed a phrase & “Tested on Humans before Horses” was born. With people using the products on themselves by default, while applying it to the horses, wounds, aches, hooves, etc clients started calling us... “Savvy used your cooling gel on my knee its fixed”, "Savvy used your shampoo and my dandruffs gone”, “Savvy has been applying the hoof paste on hands & heels. Fixed!”...The Savvy Touch!


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