Savvy Touch proud flesh & wound healing! Skin Smoothie & Mud Balm

Success with Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie & Mud Balm

After using “other products” with little result for 7 weeks & having to have proud flesh cut off several times increasing the trauma! From week 7 all I have used is Savvy Touches Mud Balm and Skin Smoothie, but mainly Mud Balm.. It's kept the proud flesh growth down heaps.. Have only had to cut some away once since using the Mud Balm.. She is out grazing during the day and stabled at night... Or if it's " p.ss..g " down.. It's slowly getting there! Still have it covered as she is great at knocking it so best to keep it covered.. So can't recommend products from Savvy Touch enough.. Brilliant ! L. Charman Katikati


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