Heal those cracked hands

Help heal those dry cracked hands with Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie

Need help healing those cracked sore hands? Use Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie $49
Help heal those dry, cracked sore hands with Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie We at Savvy Touch have been blown away by how many people suffer from contact dermatitis & cracked hands so bad to the point of bleeding.  People in the farming industry, butchers,pool maintenance people, fencers, nurses, track riders & the list goes on. We are having rave reviews from sufferers about  our Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie. In a base of Shea butter & including some of nature's finest healers Active manuka honey, Calendula, Stinging nettle, St. johns wort, Gallium aparine, Apricot kernel extract & Burdock. "That can't be right" is what we hear regularly from our customers  as it heals wounds so fast! Here's what some of our customers  are saying:" I recently burnt my hand quite badly & had some Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie on hand I started using it & before my very eyes it started to heal & I thought " that can't be right" it happened SO quick. Amanda, Cambridge   When I met Steve from Savvy Touch I was seeing a Dermatologist for my contact dermatitis (I'm a track rider) my hands were cracked, bleeding & really painful. Steve suggested I try their Savvy Touch Hoof Paste & Skin Smoothie, within 2 days my hands started to look different & within 3 weeks they were back to normal & pain free, now I just use the Hoof paste to protect them . Good on ya Savvy Touch" Roger, Cambridge


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