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Rocket Fuel - How It All Began

We originally designed the Savvy Touch range for horses. In the process of developing Rocket Fuel, like all our products we tested it on ourselves & other people. It’s initial job was to help horses with ‘barn cough” that was rampant through the race stables. It quickly became known as the “go to product” nailing barn cough & other respiratory issues, such as allergies, asthma (yep horses get asthma!) & the elite athlete horse competing and/or racing to fully open the airways...

February 14, 2019

How Savvy Touch Started

It kind of all started with my horse “Tai”. I was unlucky enough to buy a horse who is allergic to grass five months of the year...I either keep off grass or have to wash his bum every day for five months. So I washed his bum every day with a “high quality” whitening horse shampoo & pretty soon his skin started to break down!! I decided to do some research on horse care products & what was in them……. it wasn’t good! At the same time Steve was doing barefoot trimming on ho...

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